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Endless Cross

Xavier Cross
of the
Korothean Race

Immortal Emperor
of the
Korothean Empire &
Systems Alliance Republic [SAR]
The governing order of the mighty Korothean worlds

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Lord Xavier D. Cross

Xavier Cross was voted into the Life-Term office of Korothean Emperor of the SAR Empire in the year G225 by the SAR Senate, he was crowned the 2nd Emperor, after Terrius Villiance was killed by hostile rebel forces earlier that year. At the age of 45 Xavier Cross uses the office of Emperor to make major military improvements and additions to the Empire, vastly expanding SAR territory, while still participating and campaigning certain battles personally.

Xavier Cross is the youngest Korothean in history to reach the prestigious rank of Fleet Admiral in the SAR Navy in G203 at only 23 years of age, he has served in several campaigns and is one of a handful of people directly responsible for the expansion of the Republic, Xavier has been decorated with several  ribbons and medals for his service, and continues to coordinate and instruct the SAR military.

Xavier Cross is the only Korothean in known history to have been born with Iris' in his eyes. They are nothing more then cosmetic, but his exceedingly bright blueish, cyan eyes turn heads and drop jaws every single place he visits. Some call him a phenomenon, or a gift from the heavens, but he consistently insists he is just a regular Korothean with a birth defect.


        Xavier Diesel Cross was born on the Korothean Homeworld of Renith in the Galactic Era in the year G180, in the city of Raenilon to a prosperous family. He received his middle name in honor of his older brother, who died in service to the SAR military three months before his birth, at the age of twenty eight. Both of Xavier's parents had served in the SAR military for twenty five years, and have received multiple medals and commendations for service. Xavier has one younger brother who serves in the SAR Navy, and one older sister who lives on Renith.

         The Cross family owns a large selection of land on Renith on the northwestern continent of Toriliane, the family name was granted Lordship status and given this land in the first Era by the ruling Emperor of the land of the time. This Kingdom survived until the Technological Era, and was absorbed by larger nations during the unification of the Korothean world, and was allowed by law to retain its rights and privileges, and thus the Cross family was allowed by law to retain its Lordship status and the owned land, under the contingency that the Family continues to own and care for the land. The family has continued this to the current time, and has gained great wealth from their abilities in business.

        SAR Doctrine dictates that a status title may be used in conjunction with, or in place of any military rank, and so Xavier Cross is correctly able to be address as Lord Cross, or Admiral Lord Cross, etc, when performing military actions and duties.

- SAR Records -

First Name: Xavier
Middle Name: Diesel
Family Name: Cross
Race: Korothean
Born: G180
Height: 6'2" (1.88m)
Weight: 215 lbs (97.5kg)
Faction: Systems Alliance                     Republic [SAR]
Branch: SAR Navy

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